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Lady in the Glen

12”w x 18”h

Price: SOLD

In my monthly textile arts workshop we were playing around with various ways to cover cording and use it in an art piece. I laboriously covered some small cording with half-hitches of a green variegated embroidery floss to create 3-D vines and then covered some more with various fuzzy yarns. I made the leaves by sandwiching the fabric and batting together, stitching out the details of shape and veins and then cutting them apart and painting the edges with acrylic paint or markers. A friend had given me the lovely polymer clay face and I painted it and surrounded it with some fibers. The fabric in the upper left corner is a beautiful silk that my sister had given me some years ago in a bag of miscellaneous lush fabrics, but it had bright white flowers and vines on it so I painted them green with Dye-Na-Flow to blend better with the piece. It is tacked down in various places so it hangs with a nice drape. I finished the piece with some beaded fringe.