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A Twist of Lime, A Pinch of Purple

42”w x 35”h

Price: $600.00

I had an idea of creating an art piece based on a traditional quilt pattern and knew that I wanted to use the Log Cabin pattern. My original vision of it included the black inserts in the cabins and that they would be somewhat “wonky”. While creating this piece I had many difficulties with the quilting-- getting skipped stitches and really bad tension. I had to put the piece away for awhile, and when I got it back out I tried quilting it again. No luck still. I ripped off the backing and put a new one on thinking it might be the fabric I had used. It still would not quilt so again I set it aside to proceed with other projects. About two months after I had first attempted quilting it, I dragged it out again and lo and behold I no problems and it quilted just fine. I was originally planning to enter it in a particular show, so obviously it had no intention of going to that show and was just being stubborn. It has since been in a gallery show and to the Denver National Quilt Festival.

Detail Close-up